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Client Testimonials

 China Market

Charles BRUN



"LBB has been supporting us for 18 months on the launch of our brand in China. They have helped us craft the brand strategy on this unique market which is very different from what we know in Europe and the US.


They identified potential partners for us in China, conducted a due diligence on each one and assisted us in selecting the best choice. This partner will enable us to open a network of quality retail boutiques in China as well as develop a presence on key Chinese ecommerce platforms.


Thanks to the support of the LBB Teams in HK and Shanghai we feel confident about our brand launch in China."


Xavier DE BURE

Founding Partner


“LBB helped us craft a strategy for our ecommerce presence in China, a key market for the global development of our brand.

Rather than just a platform-driven approach, the seasoned experts at LBB enabled us to create a multi-faceted plan which covers not only Ecommerce platforms but also key social media and social commerce players in China.


LBB identified key partners for us as needed and is supporting us during the entire implementation phase of the plan. We feel confident that our business as whole (both online and offline) will greatly benefit from this strategic initiative.”



Directeur Commercial


Ouate is a new cosmetics brand created 2 years ago to specifically cater to the needs of children aged 4 to 11. 


Entering the Chinese market is always a challenge, and being able to rely on a team of professionals understanding both sides (market and brand) is critical. We have been working closely with the LBB Asia team and have managed to identify, evaluate and finalize a strategic business partnership with a Chinese distributor partner within 4 months. 


We have now embarked in a longer term collaboration in which LBB ASIA in China is now embodying our local presence on the ground. Many thanks for your unrestricted support and dedication.”



Managing Director Asia

"We were in need of a quick yet effective audit, review and strategy for our E-Commerce in China.


LBB with their experts was a natural partner and they delivered a very useful stepped document allowing us to make informed decisions in this fast moving and unique ecosystem."


CMO Nutrisan, Inc

"I've been collaborating with LBB Asia to implement our brand in china Market. I was very impressed with their ability to analyze a market as complex as natural food supplements. What I appreciate from the agency is their advices beyond communication and marketing, I had in front of me a team sensitive to the business intelligence that we are looking for: market reality, benchmarking, cultural approach…"


Sumeet GULATI,

Partner at EQT

(private equity firm)

"Due to Mrs. Bousser's long standing experience in the greater China region and her deep knowledge of the European and Asian markets, with a focus on hard luxury. 


She provided very valuable insights to the luxury market analysis of the due diligence process across different markets."        


Poiray International CEO

"Working with LBB enabled us to fully understand all the challenges of the Chinese luxury market.


Thanks to its large network of distribution partners and its extensive knowledge of the market, the LBB Asia team came up with a relevant business plan to successfully develop our brand in China."

Hong Kong Market

Stephanie GUINARD

Atelier Cologne

Global Vice-President


"LBB is your perfect HK partner to launch and build your brand in Asia. Aude and her team are sales and marketing professionals with the right contacts among the best Asian retailers.They are easy and pleasant to work with.Their reputation is excellent as well as their ability to implement the ideal strategy for your brand."

Guillaume BAGES

International Executive


"You need to develop your brand in Hong-Kong? I highly recommend Aude and her whole team at LBB. They are professional and have strong experience in both retail and marketing. They can manage your development in HK as if it was your proper team. Don't miss them!"

download-removebg-preview (1).png

Connie LEE,

Emperor Group

Associate Business


"LBB Asia's expertise in the premium industry and their extended network in the luxury industry enabled it to successfully introduce tenants for the Pulse. In addition, LBB Asia has proved their ability to provide a tailor-made range of services to suit the pre-open planning of the mall."  



La Manufacture Parfums CEO

“I've been working with LBB Asia to implement my brand in Hong Kong.


They understood very quickly the story and the marketing positioning of it and succeeded to implement our fragrances and scented candles collections in premium stores. The LBB team is very enthusiastic and has already taken several initiatives to improve both our brand visibility and our sales.”


Asia Regional Outlook



Bon Parfumeur

“LBB has conducted a round of fund raising for BON PARFUMEUR in Hong Kong, specifically with a focus on the brand’s development plans in Asia.

From reviewing the pitch deck, to lining up potential investors and fielding investor questions, LBB has managed to complete the entire process for us within 3 months. 

More than just securing new finances, LBB has connected us with strategic Asia investors whose involvement with the brand will give us an extra boost in a high stake - high reward market.”


Cyrille BONNIN 

Managing Director

Les Nereides Distribution 

"Having already forged a partnership with LBB ASIA in Hong Kong and Taiwan, asking the LBB team to also support us in Japan was a logical choice. LBB started by completing a thorough business plan and P&L forecast for our brand in the Japanese market and has now fully taken over the business from our historical distributor.

They have recruited a team and are directly managing the points of sale, negotiating with department stores on our behalf and deploying the new strategy we crafted together. It’s a great asset for us to be working with LBB ASIA on multiple fronts."

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