Our international team is composed of high profile consultants, experts in Asia’s premium and luxury sectors. With our large network of local partners and customers acquired through years of experience in the region, we will share with you our knowledge to make your project successful.


Our Approach

A Customized Experience


Working closely with our local partners, we offer bespoke solutions to fit individual requirements. We are known for our tailored and flexible business processes as well as our ability to work within your time frame and budget.



Time is of the essence and the Asian market is moving fast. Our team of experienced consultants is immediately operational and knowledgeable to save you time, money and energy in your market analysis and positioning.

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Our Work and Clients

    For Brands   

    For Retailers   

LBB Asia provides strategic consulting services to brands wanting to enhance and adapt their positioning to the Asian market. The challenge is to match the local consumers' expectations while communicating brand values and heritage:

  • Brand positioning adaptation

  • Definition of brand identity specific to Asian markets

  • Key elements for artistic directions

  • Product mix & range optimization

  • Coaching key directors on team optimization

  • Advertising & PR campaign development and management

  • Market study on specific industry

  • Business Plan construction for brand expansion in Asia


LBB Asia offers strategic consulting services to assist property developers and retailers in the definition of their market positioning and retail mix:

  • Surveys to identify key needs for catchment area

  • Positioning and target retail mix definition

  • Support on strategic decisions on mall zoning

  • Retail mix optimization through careful brand selection

  • Support for communications strategy

  • Facilitate leasing negotiations with tenants

    For Investors   


LBB Asia provides strategic consulting services to investors and investment funds looking to invest in or acquire luxury brands by conducting company due diligences:

  • In-depth analysis of the sector and its competition

  • Assessment of the target brand’s key strengths and weaknesses

  • 5-year business plan evaluation and challenges identification

  • Pocket of growth identification and performance improvement analysis


For Start-ups

LBB helps digital newcomers design their market entry strategy and open their structure in Asia.

  • Build a business plan to enter the Asian market

  • Advice on setting up a local structure

  • Adapt product positioning and build sales strategy

  • Define product mix for the Asian Market

  • Handle relationships with brands and retailers


    For Hotels, Resorts & Casinos

LBB Asia provides strategic consulting services to hotels, resorts, and casinos willing to reach and attract outbound Chinese tourists:

  • Local marketing and communication solutions to increase awareness of hotels, resorts and casinos among Chinese and Japanese tourists (Chinese and Japanese website, PR, media, social media, EDM…)

  • KOL endorsements to recommend your destination

  • Coaching on best practices to adapt your services to Chinese and Japanese culture and expectations

  • Negotiate partnerships with local travel agencies

  • Premium tour organizations

Our market studies include the following segments.



  • Market overview (specificity of the market)

  • Competitive environment (existing brands)

  • Distribution channels off & online (shopping mall, department stores, specialty stores)

  • Retail price strategy & wholesale cost structure

  • Operational costs

  • Marketing and communication budgets


Market studies

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